Third Rail Systems

Our business started as a supplier of 3rd rail insulators (Paris Metro, Caracas, Santiago, Mexico) following this success we extended our offering to include the full 3rd rail system. Now as part of a joint venture, Railtech Alu Singen with Constellium Group, Pandrol Electrification is designing and supplying complete solutions of composite conductor rail systems (Aluminium/Stainless steel conductor rail) for all metro applications.

Product Benefits

  • Conductor rail made by coextrusion technology
  • Can be adapted for use on all track types
  • High reliability and safety. No delamination, no need to control thickness of stainless steel
  • Railtech Alu Singen scope includes design, manufacturing and supply. Including a detailed layout if requested


Greece, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Argentina, Kazakhstan, China, Malaysia, Italy, Singapore