PANDROL Under Sleeper Pads

PANDROL USP are tailor-made under sleeper pads designed to reduce track maintenance, increase track quality and provide vibration mitigation.

PANDROL USP are high quality resin-bonded rubber pads which are fixed to the bottom surface of the sleepers for providing higher and enduring track elasticity while increasing ballast-sleeper contact surface.

Under sleeper pads help to distribute the loading more evenly in the track, which has a positive influence on differential track settlements, impact loadings and consequently prolonging the lifecycle of the track

Soft under sleeper pads may also be a good solution if the aim is to control vibrations up to 10 dBv in the frequency range above 40-50 Hz.

Product features by product sector

  • The main features and advantages of the system are:
    • Suitable with all concrete sleepers’ production processes and techniques: easily fixed during the casting of the concrete.
    • Compatible with timber and existing concrete sleepers.
    • Excellent mechanical and chemical properties.
    • Wide range of stiffness available.
    • Offers track stiffness homogeneity.
    • Increases the contact surface between sleeper and ballast, leading to track quality improvement, ballast degradation reduction and longer life time of the sleeper and its components.
    • Maintenance free system.
    • Reduction of rail corrugation.
    • Savings in track maintenance costs: extended rail grinding and ballast tamping intervals.
    • Contingency solution of track stiffening by sand ingress.
    • Possibility of ballast layer reduction up to 25cm thickness.
    • Easy and reliable solution for build-up of transition zones.
    • Matching all standard sleeper laying methods on track.
    • Typical payback period between 3 to 4 years.
    • Eco-friendly system.
    • Compliance with international standards for ballasted track systems DIN 45673-6.