Pandrol Floating Slab Mats

PANDROL FSM are continuous resilient mats used for the isolation of train-generated vibrations in concrete slabs.

PANDROL FSM is a floating slab high performing vibration attenuation system based on the mass-spring principle, where the concrete slab (the mass) is elastically supported by a continuous resilient mat (the spring).

PANDROL FSM are made of high quality resin-bonded rubbers. The elastic properties of the mat solution are defined by the following parameters:

  • Track and train design.
  • Chosen material type.
  • Defined thickness and number of layers.
  • Determined shape factor.

Depending on these design parameters, the PANDROL FSM solutions can achieve a vibration attenuation up to 25 dBv with a low resonance frequency.

Product features by product sector

  • The main features and advantages of the system are:
    • Few components eco-friendly system.
    • Possibility to be supplied in rolls or sheets.
    • Quick and easy installation.
    • Compatible to special track works such as man-holes, pipes and electrical boxes.
    • Free from closing joints between adjacent mats.
    • Wide range of stiffness available providing ground borne noise and vibrations.
    • Excellent mechanical and chemical properties.
    • Water permeable.
    • Low resonance frequency (~14-25 Hz).
    • Long-time durable and stable properties and performance.
    • Maintenance free.
    • Compliance with international standards for floating slab track systems DIN 45673-7.

    PANDROL FSM, great performance for floating slab systems