High Speed Rail

Pandrol is committed to the development of high speed rail infrastructure and our technology underpins some of the world’s fastest railways.

Pandrol is a leading player in high speed technology with more than 20 years experience on ballasted and non-ballasted tracks. Not only that, the world speed record of 574.8 km/h was achieved on track with Pandrol’s fastenings systems.

Pandrol’s expertise runs across several countries operating in unique climates with different trains, axle loads and track forms to which Pandrol has adapted it’s unique solutions.

High Speed means more to Pandrol than fast trains. Some of our products offer high speed installation and high output track laying which creates the opportunity to maximise efficient operations with minimal impact from maintenance.

We are a leader in technology for under sleeper pads for ballasted tracks and floating slab products/embedded rail for non-ballasted tracks. The combined technologies of rail fastening systems and sustainable resilient systems products mean we are uniquely capable in providing seamless integrated solutions for high speed railways.

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